Foshan, referred to as zen, is a prefecture-level city in guangdong province, approved by the state council as the economic and trade center and comprehensive transportation hub in the west wing of the pearl river delta region, an important manufacturing base in China.

By 2018, the city had 5 districts under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 3,797.72 square kilometers, a resident population of 7,905,700, and an urban population of 7,507,300, with an urbanization rate of 94.96 percent. It is the third city in guangdong with a GDP exceeding one trillion yuan.
Foshan is located in South China, the central part of Guangdong Province, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou in the East, Zhongshan in the south, and forms the "Guangzhou Foshan metropolitan area" together with Guangzhou. It vigorously promotes the cooperation between Guangzhou and Foshan with urbanization, and creates an international metropolitan area. It is one of the cities in the Pearl River Delta, an important node city in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, the "Guangzhou Foshan Economic Circle" and the "Pearl River Xijiang economic belt" ”An important part of.
Foshan is an important manufacturing base in China and one of the most developed private economy in the country. It is in a leading position in the economic development of guangdong province.
Foshan is a national historical and cultural city, which was one of the four famous towns in China, known as the hometown of ceramic art, the hometown of martial arts, and the hometown of cantonese opera. It is also the famous cultural city of dragon boat and lion in China, the birthplace of cantonese opera, the birthplace of guangfu culture, and one of the thriving places and inheritance places.
Since ancient times, foshan has been economically developed, prosperous in business, and prosperous in culture and education. From the 30th year of the reign of emperor guangxu of the tang dynasty to the qing dynasty (1905), foshan has 786 wenjinshi, 98 wujinshi, and nearly 4,000 people.
Foshan is one of Chinese six brand, national brand strategy implementation demonstration city brand economic city in China, the city's existing Chinese well-known trademark 46, 65 pieces of Chinese famous brand products, participate in the development of national and industry standards 673 well-known enterprises are: the model group, the foshan lighting osram lighting foshan ceramic premier camera Haitian condiments huaxin packaging eagle ceramic dongpeng ceramic kelon electrical midea galanz electrical appliances chigo air conditioning macro water heater from good helper automotive electronic overflow textile huarun paints foshan certificate brigitte laurel garden li ning sportswear Commonwealth. Gordon, etc.
Guangdong we all can import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as we all can trading) was founded in Foshan, Guangdong, one of the four famous ancient towns in China.
The business scope of We All Can Trading company includes selling the famous products of shiwan ceramics shunde household appliances, lecong furniture zhangcha knitwear and so on, which are produced locally in foshan, and helping customers all over the world to purchase products made in China locally in foshan.
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