How do sellers choose the delivery method of amazon fbahead end reasonably
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FBA first-stage customs clearance refers to the shipment of goods from China to Amazon warehouse, but Amazon itself has no customs clearance service, but don't worry, there will be a special customs clearance company to solve this demand. Then, as a seller, how should we reasonably choose the delivery method of Amazon FBA? Let's have a look with We All Can Trading.
international freight
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1. Direct express delivery, such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc., has fast time efficiency and is suitable for emergency replenishment. And express delivery is free of reservation. We All Can Trading reminds you that you must make declaration and advance payment of customs duties and prepare local customs clearance importers in advance.
2.fba Air Canada School
It is transported to the local area by air first, and then delivered to Amazon warehouse by local express delivery, which is quick in timeliness and slightly slower than direct delivery. Express delivery is very convenient without reservation. At present, the empty+pie in the market is generally double-cleared and tax-guaranteed, and there is no need to pay customs fees in advance.
3.FBA sea voyage
Shipping by sea+local customs clearance+delivery by destination country, with a slightly longer time limit. This kind of sea transportation takes a long time, which usually takes more than one month. At that time, the trailer is sent to Amazon, which usually needs to be booked in storage, and the operation is more expensive than express delivery.
4. Overseas warehouse allocation
Generally, there are many choices for transferring overseas warehouses to Amazon. You can choose express delivery without reservation, and you can also choose trailers for delivery. The method is sensitive and simple, and can replenish goods with multiple times and short replenishment time.
On how to do sellers choose the delivery method of Amazon FB ahead end rationally. I hope it will be helpful after reading it!
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